Are Nainika & Thanaya twins?

No, Nainika is about 20 months elder than Thanaya.

What is their age and date of birth?

Nainika – 12 yrs – May 12th
Thanaya – 10 yrs – Jan 14th

Where do they live?

Nainika & Thanaya live in Cary, North Carolina, USA

What is their native place?

Hyderabad,  Telangana, India.

How are they doing in their education / studies?

Nainika is in 6th grade – She is advanced in Math and attending 7th grade math (as part of SSA). She is also qualified AIG student.
Thanaya is in 4th grade – She is advanced in Math and attending 5th grade math (as part of SSA). She is also qualified AIG student.

Both speak English and Telugu languages at home.

AIG – Advanced Learning / Academically or Intellectually Gifted

SSA – Single Subject Acceleration

Do they attend any dance classes?

No, Nainika & Thanaya learn dance at home with parents help. So far no external training.

Who is the choreographer?

Nainika and Dad choreograph for all the dance covers together. We retain signature steps from original songs. Sometimes Thanaya also helps creating new steps.

Who is the costume designer for all dance covers?

Mom. She designs and customizes the costumes at home.

Who does videography and editing?


Is the background real in your dance covers?

Yes, Most of the places are near our home.

Do you conduct any dance classes?

No, Not at this time.

Do you practice dance every day?

No, Nainika & Thanaya like to do other outdoor activities like playing, walking and traveling to new places.

How long does it take to make a dance cover?

It depends on the song and complexity of choreography. Some songs we did in one day and some took about a week.

Are Nainika & Thanaya parents' dancers?


Do you make money from youtube channel and other platforms?

Not much.. Most of the content is copyrighted (music). The money goes to music owners.

Do you collaborate for marketing any products?

Yes. You can contact us at https://nainikathanaya.com/index.php/contact/

or email to [email protected] . We will review the feasibility and suitability to our channel. If it looks good we will get back to you.